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Friday, 13 September 2013 06:34

Teve lugar recentemente, nas Províncias de Manica e Zambézia, a recepção provisória de projectos de electrificação através de painéis solares a centros de saúde, escolas e edifícios das secretarias em diferentes locais, no âmbito do financiamento belga.

O projecto abrangeu a localidade de Chissasse, Distrito de Gondola na Província de Manica e 10 localidades distribuídas pelos distritos de Alto Molocué, Ile, Gurué e Mocuba, na Província da Zambézia.

Durante o acto de recepção provisória as autoridades locais mostraram satisfação perante ao projecto de electrificação, uma vez que vai melhorar a qualidade de vida da população no que tange, sobretudo, aos cuidados de saúde e educação.  


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  • Projects

Construction of Three Photovoltaic Stations in Niassa

The construction project of three photovoltaic stations officially started with the signing of a MoU between FUNAE and the implementing company of the project, Hyosung Corporation. The project valued at $32 million has the funding from the Government of South Korea


Renewable Energy Atlas

The project of producing Renewable Energy Atlas for the country consists of mapping the potential sites for the development of the projects in the area of renewable energy.


Construction of Quissanga Fuel Station

The Filling Station is located in the district of Quissanga in Cabo Delgado Province.
The process for construction began in late 2009 with the launching of a public tender. In the meantime construction works are on-going, i.e. assembling of the concrete structure and subsequently a water hole will drilled and then electrical wiring from the national network.

In this district, the fleet of cars consists of local government vehicles, private motorbikes, vans that transport passengers to the provincial capital, Pemba.

There is less economic activity in Quissanga being that in the existing small stores one can only buy basic items and fish products.


Rotanda Mini-hydro Power Plant

Rotanda Mini-hydro power is located in Sussundenga district, Rotanda Administrative Post in Manica Province. Construction works are on course and the hand over is expected for the next months.



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